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    Open Form in Edit Mode (Access 2000)

    I have a shipment form called "FRM_IncomingShipments" which has the record source coming from a table called "IncomingShipments". This form is used to enter new incoming shipments. I also have a form that shows all the incomplete incoming shipments. On that form, once a user selects the shipment they want to open, I would like to open the form "FRM_IncomingShipments" and have the data populate itself. I can get the form "FRM_IncomingShipments" open in acEditMode, but I cannot get the information to be populated into the form. How can I can the information into the form?


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    Re: Open Form in Edit Mode (Access 2000)

    Does your IncomingShipments table have a primary key, say a field ShipmentID? If so, you can use code like this to open the form:

    DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="FRM_IncomingShipments", WhereCondition:="ShipmentID = " & Me.ShipmentID, DataMode:=acFormEdit

    This assumes that ShipmentID is numeric. If it is a text field, use ..., WhereCondition:="ShipmentID = " & Chr(34) & Me.ShipmentID & Chr(34), ... instead.

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