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    Merge to email (Word 2000)

    Is there a way to create and email merge in Office/Word 2000 that is comparable to the same procedure in Office 2003. I have an Excel file with email addresses. A client who uses Office 2000 would like to use this list to generate an email message.

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    Re: Merge to email (Word 2000)

    I don't know how Office 2003's merge-to-email works, but there were considerable changes between Office 2000 and XP. For example, in Office 2000, you could not merge to an HTML-format e-mail, only plain text. Have you tried it in 2000 and run into problems?

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    Re: Merge to email (Word 2000)

    Hi Jim:
    I haven't tried this, but I copied this tip from someone:
    Pull up your form letter.
    Select Tools/ Mail Merge
    Select #2 Data Source
    Get Data
    Choose your database or create a new one.
    Select Insert Merge Field from top upper left corner.
    Select the email field.
    Next Select Item 3 - Merge
    Merge box pops up
    At left Merge to box, select electronic mail
    Next choose the setup button
    Next select the field "email"
    Type in your subject,
    Select whether you want the merge to go as an attachment or as an email message.
    Select Merge, and your message goes out.
    Hope this helps,

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