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    Right Click Menu (XP)

    I am trying to create a function for changing the references in a cell. I searched on here and got some functions, but it is awkward in the way they work. One set is tied to click a button while holding down combinations of the Control and Shift keys.

    The other is supposed to be tied to the rick-click menu, but I can not figure out how to do that either. I found an example that takes over the whole right-click menu (where only my choices show up), and I am not sure that is the best way to do it either.

    So, I would like something generic that would be usable for an insstallation of Excel rather than on a spreadsheet by spreadsheet basis. So what is the best way to tie my functions to the right-click menu? Is it easier to make macros? I have had no luck in solving this by searching.



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    Re: Right Click Menu (XP)

    In Excel this has to be done via VBA. Brooke Tindall's explanation <!post=here,60759>here<!/post> and some of the subsequent posts in that thread should explain how to add an item to the right click cell menu. Be sure that the menu ID number is still the same in XP by running Brooke's code <!post=here,103483 >here<!/post> and looking for 'Cell'; in 2003 I think you need to use

    With Application.CommandBars(36).Controls

    but it could be

    With Application.CommandBars(39).Controls

    Post back if you need further help.
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