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    Control defaults of Insert Hyperlink Dialog (2000/2002)

    I'm using the following code to allow my users to insert a hyperlink to various image files (instead of storing them in the database).
    <pre>Private Sub InsertHyperlink_Click()
    On Error Resume Next
    RunCommand acCmdInsertHyperlink
    End Sub

    Now, they have come to me asking if the Insert Hyperlink dialog box can be modified to show a default directory and instead of all files, just *.tif, & *.jpg files.
    I'm stumped - does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Control defaults of Insert Hyperlink Dialog (2000/2002)

    I think you will have to display a standard "Open File" dialog, with a filter to display only jpg and tif files, and then set the Hyperlink.Address property of the text box.

    See <post#=297358>post 297358</post#> for an example of an "Open File" dialog. (Access 2002 has a built-in FileDialog, but that doesn't work in Access 2000.)

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