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    Properties (2000/XP/2003)

    I am a teacher and most students submit their assignments from MS Word. I have caught numerous students cheating by giving their electronic work to other students to submit (with a few changes of course). I have been successful using the document properties in MS Word but am convinced some know about this. Is their a way to look beyond document properties to check for the true author(s) of a document. I request electronic version of many assignments as it is easier to mark when I am looking at formatting (WORD/EXCEL etc). Any suggestions?? Thank you

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    Re: Properties (2000/XP/2003)

    If you select "Recover text from any file" in the Files of Type dropdown in the Open dialog, you will see a list of users who edited the document near the end. Don't forget to set the dropdown back to "Word documents", otherwise you'll get strange results opening documents.


    there are ways to remove personal information from a Word doc. There is a setting in the Security tab of Tools | Options...(at least in 2002/2003, don't know about 2000), and there are third-party "metadata cleaners". Students may well know about this - and they may well visit the Lounge too <img src=/S/evilgrin.gif border=0 alt=evilgrin width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Properties (2000/XP/2003)

    In Word 2000, the metadata area of the document, viewable if you open the document using File>Open and setting format to "Recover Text From Any File (*.*)", will show the recent author names and paths to which the document was saved. This has been removed in Word 2002, and presumably in Word 2003.

    It might be interesting to use the Compare Documents feature to see how similar two assignments are...

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