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    is my number too big for excel? (XP)

    I am trying to work with some data relating to our company mobile phone and Excel is corrupting the numbers that i am using.

    For each phone i have a SIM card number and an IMIE number. These numbers are particularly long and have been supplied to me by the mobile phone company. The file i have is like this ...
    SIM numbers are wrapped in ' ' marks like so - '89441000000216681908'
    IMEI numbers are in the same format - '350038858056730'

    when i remove the ' marks the number changes to show 8.9441E+19 in the cell and 89441000000216600000 in the formula bar. The last 5 digits have been changed from 81908 to 00000, why and how can i avoid this?


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    Re: is my number too big for excel? (XP)

    Excel can not store numbers greater than 15 digits. You need to store the values as text to display all of the digits correctly. By removing both ' marks it changes the value to a number, you must only remove the final ' mark.

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