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    Printing reports to copier (2002)

    I have the capability to print to a copier that can print back-to-back and staple.

    I have an Access report that prints 3-4 page student reports (size depends on data amount). I can print individual reports to the copier that will print back-to-back and staple. I am trying to think of a way to print a selected group of student reports at the same time and have the copier know whether each report is 3 or 4 pages long and staple etc. accordingly.

    I know I can do each report individually. I want to do it a class at a time. The report is already setup to start a new page for each student. The issue seems to be when each student's report may have a different number of pages.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Printing reports to copier (2002)

    Printer options are usually made by selecting the Properties button on the Print dialog. My guess is that you are trying to set your options through code and you have found that you can't access the Properties of your printer (copier) as they aren't available to VB.

    The easy option is for you to PrintPreview your report through code and give users the option of selecting printer and printer options by giving them a Print Dialog button instead of a print button. This is the way I deal with it as I can't be sure what printers a user has available.

    The hard option is to find out what Esc codes your printer makes available and then write code that sends the Esc codes to the printer to set up the required options. You can then send the report one record at a time to the printer interspersed with Esc codes to tell the printer where one record finishes and another begins. This is messy and I've only had to do it once with a Word document - it was flaky and in the end I threw up a MsgBox telling users to set up their printers before sending the print job.

    By the way, Esc codes are ancient chr$s that we used to have to use to control printers back in DOS days before printer drivers came along. Apart from a few standard ones such as carriage return and linefeed most printers used different codes. Printers still work with them although frequently they aren't shown in user manuals any longer.

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