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    Multiple databases but one central report (2K)

    Just looking for some advice before I start work on it. I need to base a central statistics report based on around 3/4 databases in Access. All of the databases have their own reports in them and I have been asked to collate these on one central form. How would I go about doing this? As I understand it, reports cannot take information from other reports but would need to be based on the queries that those reports were based on. But can this be done over several databases and if so how.
    I also need to produce graphs, as in excel, is it possible to then display this data in Excel format?

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    Re: Multiple databases but one central report (2K)

    You would have to create a database that has tables linked to those in the individual databases. Either import the queries you need from the individual databases, or create new ones if you want to combine tables from different databases into one query. Similar for the reports:import them or create new ones, depending on what you need.

    You can create graphs in Access, using the same "chart engine" that Excel uses (more of less). Unfortunately, the interface to design them is clunky. You can also import the data into Excel with a link to the Access data, and create the graphs in Excel.

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