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    DoCmd.SendObject error with MS Outlook (Access 2000)

    I use the code below to send a table from my db as an attachment. It works well except on one users pc. When she clicks the button that this is under she gets the following error message "The operation falied due to netowrk or other communication problems. Check your connections and try again.". I'm using Access 2000 and MS Outlook for the email. Is it in the setup of her MS Outlook? Any thoughts? Thanks....

    Dim strTableName As String

    strTableName = "DataBaseChanges" & Format(Now, "mmddyyyyhhmmss")

    DoCmd.SendObject acSendTable, strTableName, acFormatHTML, "", "", , "DBChanges", "Changes have been made to your database. Changes are attached. Thanks."

    DoCmd.OutputTo acTable, strTableName, "HTML(*.html)", "server82is_prod_01#DBChangesChangeLogs " & strTableName & " .html", False, ""

    MsgBox "Table SendUpdated Completed."

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    Re: DoCmd.SendObject error with MS Outlook (Access 2000)

    Does that user have other problems with e-mail?
    Does she have Norton Anti-Virus, with the Office Plugin enabled? If so, try disabling it (it causes a lot of other problems.)
    In general, investigate if the problem is related to anti-virus software (you might try disabling such software temporarily, but be careful and make sure to enable it again as soon as possible.)
    Most mentions of the error message I found point to some kind of corruption in the registry; you might try Help | Detect and Repair from Outlook on the problem PC, or do a repair installation after removing the Office key in the registry (see <!mskb=302599>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 302599<!/mskb> for details.)

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