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    Macro warning (2000)

    How do you disable the "Macro may contain harmful virus" alert? If it is by code, pleae tell where to put the code. I tried - Application.DisplayAlerts = False but wasn't sure where to put it and if that was enough.

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    Re: Macro warning (2000)

    You can set the general macro security level in Tools | Macro | Security... If you would set it to Low, you would be able to open workbooks containing macros without being warned. This is NOT recommended, however. In general, Medium is the best setting. You may want to tick "Trust all installed add-ins and templates" in the Trusted Sources tab, to avoid being warned about those all the time.

    For obvious reasons, you cannot change the macro security settings, even temporarily, from within a macro - that would make life too easy for macro virus writers...

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