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    Access with oracle backend problem over network

    Help Please <img src=/S/sad.gif border=0 alt=sad width=15 height=15>
    My first database ain't working. I have created an access 2000 database with an oracle 8 backend. I put it over the network to test and it's not working as it should. Everyone in the company is set up with oracle client and with the existing databases when they log on to the database once they've entered username and password they're away. With mine however if they try and look at a table or do an update it is asking for the password for the oracle backend. Any ideas what I have done wrong (I developed the database using the same username and password as was used to create the other dbs.

    Thank you v. much

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    Re: Access with oracle backend problem over network

    Are the existing databases in Access or something else? If they're in Access, can you look at the code to see how the individual connections were handled there? Oracle seems fussier about this than SQL Server and connection timeouts can also contribute to the problem. There's an article in the March issue of <A target="_blank" HREF=http://http:/>/]SmartAccess</A> that talks about upsizing Access to Oracle. That might be of use to you.

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    Re: Access with oracle backend problem over network

    Cheers Charlotte,

    Apparently I made a mistake when I linked the database to the backend. I've relinked now and all is working fine.

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