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    Counting entries... sort of (XP, 2000)

    I have a mainform and a continuous subform. My objective is to provide a visual reference for the user such that when they are entering a record on the subform it will show as 1, 2, 3,...N. So if the user has 17 items to enter in the subform, they will know by looking (and seeing # 17) that they have entered all 17 and have not missed one.

    I created an unbound textbox and used =currentrecord as the data source. It doesn't work, of course, until I enter a new record. Actually, it works fine when in page mode and not in continuous form mode. What I get in continuous mode is that, when intially displayed, all the records show 1 (as record # 1). Although this is not what I want, I know the problem lies in my logic and not with Access.

    Qiestion is, what would be the best way to do this? I have no intention of retaining the record number in a table, just for visual reference on the form.

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    Re: Counting entries... sort of (XP, 2000)

    See MSKB article ACC2000: How to Display Line Numbers on Subform Records for a possible solution.

    BTW: if you display the standard navigation buttons on the subform, the user can see how many records have been entered.

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