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    WMP 9 resets Record Source (XP Pro SP-1)

    I'm trying to record .WAV files from CDs (using Audacity as my recording/editing software) using Analog rather than Digital playback (because the sound quality seems to be a little better with the Analog setting). My problem is that Audacity only "hears" the Analog output if the Record Source is set to Stereo Mix (rather than CD Player) and WMP 9 seems to insist on resetting the Record Source to "CD Player" every time a significant CD-related event occurs (e.g., pressing the Play button, or WMP reaching the end of one track and starting the next track), which messes up the recording process.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to make WMP keep its hands off the sound card's Record Source?

    In case it's helpful, I note that I can play CDs with MusicMatch or RealOne (in Analog mode) and the Record Source doesn't get similarly reset, so the problem definitely seems to be with WMP, rather than with my sound card software (which is the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz control panel that came with my Dell) -- although I get no sound out of MusicMatch in Analog mode, so the fact that it leaves the Record Source setting alone isn't particularly useful.

    As a follow-up question for any audio gurus who may read this, assuming I am indeed getting superior sound quality using Analog playback (as compared to Digital with Error Correction), am I correct in thinking the reason is probably that in the former case the CD drive is performing the D/A conversion and in the latter case the sound card is doing the D/A conversion and the CD drive is doing a better D/A conversion job than the sound card?

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    Re: WMP 9 resets Record Source (XP Pro SP-1)

    To extract (rip, record) audio files from audio CD, try to use other (free) utilities, for example:



    and many other. You can find one that will have all options you need and coexist peacefully with your players.

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