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    Using Colors for incoming messages (XP)

    Trying to assign colors to emails coming in from specific domains:
    eg. everyone from - blue
    The issue is that many of these names appear as full names instead of full email addresses while in Organizing Features:
    eg.' tom jones' instead of
    Any thoughts on how I can assign a single color to emails from all users at at once?

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    Re: Using Colors for incoming messages (XP)

    It sounds like you need to set yourself up a Custom View to achieve what you're looking for. You have to drill down fairly far in Outlook to set it up. Here is some boilerplate advice that I hope may be helpful.

    Start with View|Current Views|Define Views. To make sure you don't lose any of your work, I suggest that <UL><LI>You start with <Current View Settings> and choose Copy - giving it a meaningful name. <LI>Select your new, saved view and choose Modify|Automatic Formatting|Add. <LI>Give the rule a meaningful name. <LI>Choose Font. Probably most important: select a colour. (You may find it less confusing to stick with the Font you've got already.) Click OK. <LI>Choose Condition. If you go for a number of rules, you may find that many of them end up with you using the Advanced Tab. <LI>When you've finished with all your choices, OK your way out through the Dialog Boxes until you get to Define Views. Then choose Apply View. <LI>In order to apply the formatting to any other Mail Folder, go to View|Current Views and you should find your newly defined view available.<LI>IMPORTANT: when archiving email, COPY your Mail Folders into the Archive and then delete items from the Folder that remains in your current Outlook store. Colour customised Views are NOT saved outside of your Personal Folders "*.pst" file.[/list]HTH

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