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    Matthew Wilde

    ASP hyperlink parameters

    Can anyone help with advice or a web site article that solves this problem?
    In FrontPage 2000 I have two web pages saved as .asp files, with a hyperlink from file1 to file2. I'm trying to add a parameter to the link. I'm familiar with basic asp syntax such as <%variable="value"%> to assign a value, and <%=value%> to display it. The hyperlink currently reads as below, but trying to display it in file2 shows nothing (and incorporating it into a Database Results region gives the untrue error "No records found". Any advice gratefully received!

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    Re: ASP hyperlink parameters

    Hi, Matthew. If the parameter is a field, FP uses this syntax in the link:

    <a href="page2.asp?myKey=<%=FP_FieldURL(fp_rs,"myKey" )%>">

    I don't recall how I learned this; I think there is a way in the hyperlink dialog to add parameters from the available database fields, as long as you are within the database results region.

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