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    No automatic updates (XP SP-1)

    Reading about the Sasser worm focused me on the fact that I haven't received any Windows Update messages (the little taskbar ballons) for a month or two (or three?). I'd received them regularly in the past. In my Control Panel System tab for Automatic Updates, "Keep my computer up to date" is checked, as is "Notify me before downloading." It sounds like I should have seen a message about the Sasser patch sometime in April. Has anyone else experienced a moratorium on Windows Updates? Does anyone know what might be the reason I stopped receiving update messages?

    In case it's relevant, I use Norton Personal Firewall.

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    Re: No automatic updates (XP SP-1)

    I use manual WIndows update and all appears OK that way. I've got them all but I don't recall any that mentioned that worm in particular. It was probably just included in another security patch?

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