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    Calendar Entries Disappearing (Outlook 2k)

    I very often use emails to generate calendar entries. We have a calendar in a public folder to manage our executive commitee, which consists of 7 members. Our president emailed me 3 flight itineraries which I copied to the calendar for the specific dates to which the flights corresponded and I noticed today that they were gone, not just the email in the calendar but the calendar entry itself was gone. I went back several months in the calendar and every entry that utilized an email to generate the entry was gone. Only the items that I've entered as a "new appointment" without email attached was were still there. This obviously creates major havoc for me, as I schedule things as far as a year out, and also use the entry to generate my task list for reminders. Can anyone shed some light on what happended and how I can prevent this from happening in the future???? Fortunately, we run a daily back up, so as of Friday last week everything was still there and it can be restored.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Calendar Entries Disappearing (Outlook 2k)

    Is it possible that an "auto archive" process ran and cleared them out?

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