Problem: Server Management Consul shows "Page cannot be found"
Modules: server management/backups and server management/Monitoring and Reporting

We have recently set up Windows 2003 small business server for testing and learning. The server is set up as a files server, mostly with installation defaults throughout. In fact very little has been changed to its default configuration. The machine is of the following spec:

2.2Ghz Athlon
1.0Ghz of Ram running at 266Mhz
IDE 1 HDD 1 is 40 Gb, split into two partitions: "Local Disk "C: is 29.2Gb and "software" E:/ is 8.98Gb
IDE 1 HDD 2 is 120Gb, split into two partitions: D:/ 60Gb and F:/ 54.4Gb
IDE 2 consists of 1 tape drive and a CDRW drive (the tape being master).

The server has two NIC cards, one which connects directly to an ADSL cable modem for internet and the second directly to a hub, which 4 other standard windows XP machines connect to.

For the benefit of this query, The Server is labelled ukres001 and a corresopnding XP PC is ukres003.
When we first set up the server, we did not have a tape drive accessible. So, we had a backup schedule which would backup our data to a mapped network drive to ukres003 namely: ukres003backups. Every morning, I could access the server management consul and view the backup files or log files as to why a back up would be failing. I now no longer have this facility, since (I believe) I added a tape drive or disconnected a drive mapping: ukres003backups. I now back up to a tape drive (we still have issues, but thats a different story).

There are two issues at stake here.
1. server managementbackups shows "the page cannot be found" "The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporaily unavailable". I know the 'page' has not been removed, or name of it changed (or at least not with me knowing) so may be its the latter?

2. I would like to look at log files that contain error logs for failed backups (I get a lot, so configuration must be wrong), so I need to know where these are stored.

So, my main question is: Where is the server management/Bakups pointing to in order to show its page? Is there a default and how to I reset it?

Many Thanks in advance