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    automated form add-ins (2000)

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some add-ins that I can use to create an automated form.
    basically what I am looking for is an add-in that creates a Fill-in screen where user can fill in a couple fields of the form.
    the thing is, I know how to use the standard Fill-in fields in Word forms but the problem with that is that they pop up one by one.
    I want to create ONE fill-in screen where user can fill in all the necessary fields in ONE (popup) screen.

    the problem is I am not very familiar with VBA ( I can find things in the macro (VBA) editor and sort of understand what some code does but thats about it)

    what I am looking for is an add that I can change so that I can put the right variables and link it to my bookmarks in the template.

    Any one any idea where I can find something like that?

    Thanks ahead.



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    Re: automated form add-ins (2000)

    Not free but will likely do all you need: Data Prompter has been reviewed by Woody Leonard, PC Magazine, The Office Letter, and more.

    Tutorials that will be of interest: Charles Kenyon talks User Forms or here's another Word"]">Word User Forms : Part 1[/url]

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