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Thread: Tags? (Word XP)

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    Tags? (Word XP)

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might leverage a pseudo-HTML-tag approach to formatting text, probably within a Ref field? Specifically, I need to pull a text string from a custom document property (put there via Documentum) and I'd like to be able to "read" tags (which are put there because doc properties can't do formatting.) For example, I'd like the Documentum side to put "C<sub>min<sub>" into a custom document property called "myProperty" and have a { DocProperty myProperty } field (or some variation thereof) to return "Cmin" where the text "min" is subscripted. I was dreaming that maybe something could parse it in real-time or when the user presses F9...
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    Re: Tags? (Word XP)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Andrew Lockton on 05-May-04 10:37. Upon pondering this problem further...)</P>I think there are two things you could do to investigate this problem (ie I don't have a ready answer). I would think that path 1 would have a much better chance of success but path 2 would be very sexy.

    1. Hijack the Update fields command by creating a macro called UpdateFields which updates the fields and then does a search and replace to perform the formatting task.
    2. Rather than following a HTML tag path, try using RTF formatting to do the same - perhaps that gets recognised automatically.

    As I think about this problem, other methods have sprung to mind which might be of use.
    The includetext field allows you to specify a filter when dragging text in from another file. For instance {Includetext "filename" c HTML} uses the HTML filter to import HTML text. If you could trick the includetext into working with a string then this is a possible approach. If not perhaps you could store the file path in the property added by Documentum and place the actual text to be displayed into another file <img src=/S/lightbulb.gif border=0 alt=lightbulb width=15 height=15> called by an includetext field.

    Maybe the text to be displayed could be an autotext entry called by an autotext field.
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