Briefly... I have set up a web page designed in FP2002. Created a new Catalog using IIS. Developed 2 additional Directories, both pointing away from our Web Server, to locations on our network server. I want to be able to search for a related Office documents (.doc, .xls, etc.) and have them return a result to the SearchResults page. Additionally, the catalog also indexes my web site as well, so those pages figure into the search results as well.

When I run my search form criteria in my web site, I only can view results from within my web site, and none of those on my network server (Office Documents). To conduct a test of the Catalog filtering file, I placed a couple .doc and .xls files on my web server, re-ran my search criteria, and they showed up on the SearchResults page.

Second test - I used the search filed in Windows Explorer, pointed it to the catalog, entered the appropriate search criteria, and all related results on both the web site, and the network locations produced results.

So, somewhere I have a communication failure between the catalog and my SearchResults.asp page, with just the network files, not the ones located on my Web Site. Any assitance is greatly appreciate. I know it is something probably simple, but none-the-less it is creating me a lot of headaches.

I used to have a pretty good head of hair before I began this project!