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    lookup function to lookup information from another (excel VBA)

    I need to code a double click procedue.
    I have a workbook with two sheets (sheet 1 and 2). On sheet 1 I have a list box that contain about 9 names in it. That was extracted from sheet 2. Its coded so that when i do a single click on a name the name that I single click on will appear in it's apporitate cell in sheet 1. Now I need to code a second double click procedure for that same list box in sheet1 that will look for a name on sheet2 when you double click a name in the list box. When the name from the 2nd sheet is found that information should go into a cell on sheet 1. so when the name is selected in the list box it will enter two names , the name from the list box and the name that is found on the 2nd sheet (sheet2).
    Thanks to anyone that can help me out.

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    Re: lookup function to lookup information from another (excel VBA)

    You shouldn't need code to fill a cell when the list box is single clicked - just set the linked cell.

    It is not clear to me what you mean by "look for a name on sheet2", since you stated that the items in the list box are from sheet2. Neither do I understand which information should be placed on sheet1, and where.

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