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    Network Printer problem (2000)

    I recently installed some new Windows XP machines in our office. We're running Office 2000, however the problem exists only with Word.

    Word refuses to print to an HP4050N. It says the printer is not available on the network. Outlook and Excel have no problems and I can print test pages from this PC. I have removed the printer and reinstalled it. The system will see the printer for one job, then lose it. I reinstalled Word, which had no impact.

    We are running Server 2000. Some internet research hinted at a problem with network spooling and Q's in this set up, but I haven't found a permanent solution. I have been able to create a TCP/IP printer and print directly to that and it works.

    Any suggestions for how to do this "normally"?


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    Re: Network Printer problem (2000)

    Have you tried Phil Rabichow's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000),197827>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000)<!/post>?

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    Re: Network Printer problem (2000)

    We have numerous of the 4050TN but this problem does not sound familiar. However, due to other problems, we use only the PostScript (PS) drivers, not the PCL drivers. If you are using the PCL drivers, try adding a new queue using the PS drivers and see if that helps.

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