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    Opening Excel Files (Excel XP)

    Good Day,

    I am not sure if this is an Excel problem or a windows problem. If I open Excel and go to File there is a spreadsheet listed at the bottom (previously opened) and when I click on it the sheet opens instantly. If I go the other route and find the file and double click on it, even while I have Excel open, it takes up to 8 seconds to open. Probably not a long time but it is very noticeable and irritating. Especially if it is a file I have not opened before - then I have no choice but to take the slow way. It only happens on one of our computers. I can not re-create the problem on any other computer. Has anyone ever heard of this happening or know a possible cause? We have ran every cleaner and tool we can think of to make sure the computer's performance is up to speed.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Opening Excel Files (Excel XP)

    Have you tried the suggestions in the star post that is currently at the top of the screen?
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