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    ComboBox/UserForms (Excel 2002)

    I have several UserForms in a project I'm creating. Each of these has a MultiPage on it. I'm using a ComboBox control on one of the pages that has a list of the other UserForms, and when I select one of the forms from the drop-down list, it properly jumps to the correct form. The form it jumps to has another ComboBox, with yet another list of the UserForms, so that they can all be connected with a click. The problem is, it's difficult to go back and forth between the same two forms. When I jump back to the first form, the selection for the form I just jumped from is highlighted, and when I click it, it won't go back to the form I just came from. It 'sticks' to it somehow, sort of disabling it. Any ideas?


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    Re: ComboBox/UserForms (Excel 2002)

    Problem is that the On Click event of the combo box only fires if the selection has changed. You might set the combo box to "" after jumping to another form, so that the user is forced to make a new selection after returning.

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