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    Need Script to Change 'Created Date' (XP)

    My exchange server administrator copied all my folders (stored on server) to a new account. Now the archive command can't seem to find any files to archive. The copy reset the "created" date of all my messages and archive uses that instead of the received date. Can anyone supply a VB script that goes through all folders changing the created date to the received date? I've got a lot of folders.


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    Re: Need Script to Change 'Created Date' (XP)

    MailItem.CreationTime is a Read-Only property, which is my way of saying I don't know how your request can be accomplished. You might want to see if it's exposed as a read-Write Property using the Redemption Library.

    I'm bewildered as to how your Admin managed to reset this Property by simply copying messages to another Folder.
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