I have set up a Userform in Word 97 that uses the Treeview control. No matter what I do, however, I can't get it to display the little pluses and minuses. I've tried setting it in the control's properties and through code. Is this a bug in the version of Word and/or the COMCTL32.OCX (10/12/99) file I'm using? I can't find reference to this problem anywhere, but I can't believe I'm the first person to run into it. I have the Style is set to 6-tvwTreeLinesPlusMinusText. Many thanks.

Also, does anyone know how to display the items in the list with the top item showing instead of the last (when it scrolls past the end of the control)? I have the items sorted in alphabetical order, and I'd like the user to see the first one first, not the last one that was added. Thanks!