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    Getting rid of hyperlink warnings (PowerPoint 2003)

    Anyone know how to stop that infuriating warning about Hyperlinks being dangerous, etc, everytime we put a hyperlink in a presentation? We click on it, & before it links to the other file we want to show - in front of everyone, clients, etc - the wretched programme pops up a warning about hyperlinks sometimes being dangerous, & asks us if we want to proceed.

    It's driving us nuts, & never happened in previous versions of PowerPoint.

    Colin Hession

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    Re: Getting rid of hyperlink warnings (PowerPoint 2003)

    Yeah, it's a new "security feature," and there's really no way to get rid of it.

    Well, wait, I lied. That's not true. You can get rid of it on your machine by editing the registry. Or just use Chirag's utilities --, which will do the work for you. (He has a link there to the MSKB article which describes the manual method if you prefer that.)

    Only problem is that this won't help for presentations you distribute to others.

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