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    KB 817778 Advanced Network Pack (Windows XP SP1)

    In the process of using Windows Update, the KB 817778 update for Advanced Network Pack, including the Internet Protocol v6, was listed as an available update. Upon reading the article, I was unable to determine if this would be a useful update or not. I am running a Home Network with three computers (simple multi-port router); the host (shared dial-up) is running WIN XP SR1 Home, AMD XP processor running 1466 MHz, 480 MB Ram. We are preparing to upgrade to a DSL modem (just became available) and will be using a D-Link 704P Router (built in firewall/printer server) for networking. I am also using ZoneAlarm Pro on the Host computer as a firewall.

    Again, would the KB 817778 article with the Advanced Network Pack upgrade be useful/recommended?

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    Re: KB 817778 Advanced Network Pack (Windows XP SP1)

    IPV6 is not likely to be of interest to home users for some time yet. It is currently being used (mostly on test networks) by a number of networking and computer companies.

    When it becomes widespread it will provide many many more network addresses (enough for every atom in the universe I think) as well as a number of other features, but there is no IPv6 internet backbone yet, so many of the features would only be useful if you had a really big network of your own.


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