We have a document with track changes on. Our Word Spelling & Grammer options are set to 'Check spelling as you type' & 'Check grammer as you type'.
Therefore when you type & its a mispelled word, ms-word will notify you by placing a sqiggly red line under the mispelled word.

what has occured on this track changed document. is on a track changed paragraph - if you type at the end of the paragraph & the word is mispelled - it will display the red sqiggly line & then you can perform a spell check on this paragraph.
However if on a track changed paragraph you type within the middle of the paragraph & the work is mispelled - ms-word wont pick it up & also when you perform a spell check on this paragrah ms-word won't pick up the typos.

have you come experienced this before?
is this a ms-word bug?
any ideas?
many thanks & regards Diana