When you open a 97 mdb in Access 2002, a Do You Want To Convert the Database message pops up. You can convert the database or open it as read-only. With our upcoming deployment, there are concerns that users may inadvertently convert a shared database and thereby make it unrecognized for other 97 users (ie those who have not gotten Office XP yet).

There is a registry fix (KB 290291) that allows suppressing the above message and opens the database read-only by default.

There have been a couple of posts on the newsgroups reporting some problems (locking of the database, mdb getting converted anyway) using this method.

Has anyone used this method to suppress the message? any problems?

I tried the registry entry and it did suppress the message. But, when I tried to 'reset' the registry key the normal Do Not Convert message did not return; this may not be a problem in that we may not want or need to revert back to the message.

I would like to hear peoples' experience using this method in a deploymentproduction scenario. I don;t to get any gpotchas.


Jimmy Lee