<font color=448800>NEVER MIND - DISCOVERED YOU NEED TO PUT IN A FULL WEB ADDRESS.</font color=448800>

I figured out how to get the email to 'sort of' display a hyperlink in content:

1) set BodyFormat = 0
2) set MailFormat = 0
3) do something like this:
<font face="Georgia">strBody = strBody & "
Click here to retrieve report details"
</font face=georgia>
4) E-mail shows a hyperlink!

BUT...it doesn't work, really. <img src=/S/disappointed.gif border=0 alt=disappointed width=15 height=15>

When you hover over the hyperlink in the e-mail you get something truly bizarre in the status line:


<img src=/S/beep.gif border=0 alt=beep width=15 height=15>

I'll keep looking, but if this sounds like a familiar situation, please let me know.