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    unique id# in a listbox (vba)

    I have a workbook with 3 worksheets. I have added a userform with 3 option buttons ( they are group with a groupname) I also have a listbox that suppose to hold unique id numbers from one of the columns in each of the worksheets. I have written code that will get the list from the columns but there are muilt id # and i just want one set of the # to appear in the list box.
    ex: the column contains for instants 101,101,101,102,102,103,103,103 in it . the code that i written takes all of the # and puts them in the listbox but I just want to have 101,102,103.
    can any one help.
    thanks !!!!!!!

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    Re: unique id# in a listbox (vba)

    I have attached a zipped demo workbook with a possible way to fill a list box with unique values, based on an idea by <!profile=sdckapr>sdckapr<!/profile>.

    When the userform is opened, advanced filter is used to extract unique values from column A to column E. The row source of the list box is set to a dynamic named range, select Insert | Name | Define to see how it is defined.

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