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    Update Query and OLE file names (2000)

    I would like to write an update query to insert the file names of jpegs. One field in my table includes the name of the file without the file path or extension, will call this nopicture. Example: 0101. The file name and path is, for example, j:database0101.jpg. I created another OLE field in this table, and I tried to combine the path names with the field nopicture in the query, but it's just giving me "Long binary data". Is there any way that I can do this in an update query?


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    Re: Update Query and OLE file names (2000)

    In general, you shouldn't store images in an Access table, just the file path and name. Images cause tremendous file size bloat. So you don't need an OLE field in the table or query, just a text field (or hyperlink field, if you prefer). You can display the images on a form or report using the Image control. See the attachment to <post#=296892>post 296892</post#> for an example of how to handle images.

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