Is there anyway to manually add to the MS Outlook98 Junk Email filters? I know you can apparently go to the MS site and download the 'new' filters -- but they don't appear to have been updated in awhile and they seem fairly limited...

I also know that you can easily add new email addresses to the "Junk Senders.txt" file within Outlook -- by clicking "add to Junk Senders".

However, adding words to the "Filters.txt" files seems to be ineffective at actually altering what Outlook searches for in email messages to decide that they are "junk" or not.

I would love to be able to manually add to the words that Outlook searches for. IS THIS POSSIBLE without using a thrid party "Anti-Spam" program? Can it be done easily? Thanks. <img src=/S/smash.gif border=0 alt=smash width=30 height=26>