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    Is my Help file corrupted? (Access 2000, VB 6.0)

    I can no longer see (or access) the links to "Related Topics", "Examples", etc in the VB HELP file. Access HELP works fine, the problem is only in the VB window thru Access. I don't remember when this happened but it's been a while and may have coincided with when I installed VB 6.0. The "links" now appear as grey boxes with grey dots in the center and can't be clicked on. I've tried reinstalling just Access and the complete Office Suite, but to no avail. I really don't NEED VB on this computer, but it's nice to have available.

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Does anyone have a suggestion to get my links back. Please accept my thanks in advance for any help offered.
    Kathi in Alabama

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    Re: Is my Help file corrupted? (Access 2000, VB 6.0)

    See the thread starting at <post#=323318>post 323318</post#>.

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