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    Duplicate attachments in Outlook 2003 (Microsoft Outlook 2003)

    I have a user who is having problems with attaching files in Outlook 2003. When he attaches a file and attempts to attach the second, he gets the first file duplicated in the attachment folder and he cannot delete it.

    Can anyone suggest any solution to this problem?

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    Re: Duplicate attachments in Outlook 2003 (Microsoft Outlook 2003)

    Is his process to attach files to use the attach 'paperclip' icon, or to paste the file in? Can you explain what you mean by "the attachment folder" - do you mean the window in the message view that shows the attachments?

    Also, try this: on this users PC, close Outlook and all Outlook windows and then, using the path where 'outlook.exe' is located, run this in the Start | Run box:

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 10OUTLOOK.EXE /cleanviews

    For an OS prior to 2000 you may need to use quotes like this:

    ":Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 10OUTLOOK.EXE" /cleanviews
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