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    Pattern Match (Excel XP)

    Anyone got a neat bit of code (or function) that performs a match on two strings?

    I want to get a YES to things like "k mart" = "k-mart"
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    Re: Pattern Match (Excel XP)

    Add this function into a module.

    <pre>Function UStrip(sWord as string)
    Dim x As Long
    Dim sCharacter As String
    sWord = UCase(sWord)
    UStrip = ""
    For x = 1 To Len(sWord)
    sCharacter = Mid(sWord, x, 1)
    If Asc(sCharacter) >= 65 And _
    Asc(sCharacter) <= 90 Then
    UStrip = UStrip & sCharacter
    ElseIf Asc(sCharacter) >= 48 And _
    Asc(sCharacter) <= 57 Then
    UStrip = UStrip & sCharacter
    End If
    Next x
    End Function</pre>

    Then you can compare (eg) A1 and A2 with:
    =if(ustrip(a1)=ustrip(a2), "yes", "no")

    You compare the uppercase stripped versions (only numbers and letters remain), so k-mart, k_mart, kmart, k*mart, etc and upper/lowercase combos re converted to KMART and then compared.


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