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    Scanning Text Documents (Office 2002)

    I am searching for advice on scanning text documents. My question deals more with formatting than with scanning. The equipment I currently use (mid-price HP scanner with the scanner software) does a fairly decent job of scanning the text with few mistakes unless it is a bad original. However I spend of lot of time "cleaning up"... adding back in the tabs, paragraphs, etc. Woody's gang has been very helpful giving me pointers with that. My question now deals with the available technology. Is there technology (scanner and/or software) available that will maintain formatting (tabs, paragraphs, line spaces, etc)? If so, what and where?
    Thanks for all the great work you all do on these boards! Us poor office peons would be lost without you!

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    Re: Scanning Text Documents (Office 2002)

    I have good results with OmniPage Pro 14

    Of course the formatting is still going to be some work, but it is a lot better that it was in earlier versions and other older program I have used.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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