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    web link in Access (Access 2000)

    I have a user that was using the data in the format below to update an Oracle table using access 2000. This was thier webssite field in thier table. The website is some how linked to this oracle table. Not sure how. This table was published to the website with this field being a link to another website. This was working unitl recently. What's happening now is only the words testwebsite show on the web page and everything below that becomes the link to the named website This was working unitl recently. And of corse they don't know who set this up nor what the problem is. Has anyone had experiece with this? Thanks..

    <a href="" > testwebsite

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    Re: web link in Access (Access 2000)

    Without knowing the technology behind the website, it's almost impossible to tell what has happened. In any event, I would be very suspicious of using Access 2000 to access an Oracle database to publish it to a web page - there are several methods of publishing an Oracle database to the web that don't involve using Access.

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