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    Incoming mail formatting (2003)

    Tricky question: Is it possible to change the color of an incoming email based on the domain that the email is coming from?
    (ex. If I recieve an email from '' or '' they would both appear blue)

    I tried creating an Automatic Formatting rule which checks the FROM field. However this did not work, because the domain name does not appear in the From field, it only shows the persons full name.

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Incoming mail formatting (2003)

    Yes, it appears the From field is very limited. I was able to create a condition that would look for a domain in the Reply-to address field. However, some people (such as me), do not populate this field, so it's not a complete solution. For reference, with the Organizer pane open to Using Colors, click Automatic Formatting... and then edit or add a new rule, click Condition..., the Advanced tab, the Field dropdown, to Address fields, then Have replies sent to, contains, and the search term. (That's for Outlook 2002, your dialogs may vary.)

    For a more complete solution, I suspect one might have to write some VBA.

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