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    Autotext in Word 2002 (2002)

    Seems that some autotext entries "do not work" e.g. they don't get inserted - like "Dear Mother and Father", etc. I understand this might have something to do with the "style" being used. But I also find that some entries that I create do not work as autotext. Can you clarify how style or manual formatting restricts or prevents all autotext form working. Thanks.

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    Re: Autotext in Word 2002 (2002)

    I've seen some links here before to useful references on AutoText, but I haven't saved them...

    It is true that Word categorizes AutoText entries by style, and this can be convenient or a hassle, depending on your needs. However, you should be able to insert any AutoText you like at any time using either the fly-out menu, the Insert>AutoText>AutoText dialog, or by typing the code and pressing the F3 key. Bear in mind that Word can't recognize a code (and won't offer you a Screen Tip) until it has become "unique." Thus, if two codes start with the same 5 letters, it's not until you type the sixth letter that you get a Screen Tip and can press F3 or Enter. (While Word seems always to want four letters before offering a Screen Tip, F3 often works before that.)

    Now... it's not clear exactly what is going wrong in your case. Can you explain in a little more detail?

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