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    update from another form (Access 2000)

    Why i cannot update from another form? I have an update function called UpdateData that works otherwise,but not from another form.
    Why is it so?
    I am trying to update tables from the form F1.There i have the following code :

    DoCmd.OpenForm " F2"

    I have also applied the OnOpen function, and in my UpdateData function i also have the following condition:

    Dim strDocName As String
    strDocName = "F2"
    If IsOpen(strDocName) = True Then
    end if

    Obviously it is not enough.
    Can somebody help me ?

    The reason why i must use two forms is rather complicaed but i think it is not relevant to my question

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    Re: update from another form (Access 2000)

    Read your message as if you were us and didn't know anything about your application or the UpdateData function. For one thing, the message said that the function "doesn't work". What does that mean? Does it get an error, does it update the wrong information, or does it just not do anything at all? Of course, without knowing what UpdateData does, even knowing this wouldn't help you much in determining why it doesn't work. Perhaps you could provide more information?
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