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    Can't delet Outlook Folder (2000 w/SR-1)

    I created a sub folder and cannot Move or Delete it.
    The error message reads "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem
    persists, restart Outlook", and I've re-started and re-booted many-a-time to no avail. I've run Scanpst
    several time also, again to no avail. I've read through the Lounge Posts and done anything I could
    find. I tried to search for the .ost and didn't find one, not even in the hidden folders... 8>}
    I also cannot get "Permissions" to show up in the "Propertise" dialog box for any of the folders
    even though I have administrator rights.
    It's not mission critical but its a pain in buttocks. And, the size of the .pst file is ever growing.
    ps: I have a Blazer and the wife drives a Kia, we switched and I still can't delete the folder.

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    Re: Can't delet Outlook Folder (2000 w/SR-1)

    The only time I've ever gotten that message was when my Deleted Items folder was full. Could not delete any more messages until I reduced the number of items below some magic number like 16,383 (I don't recall the exact number, and yes, I should clean out my Deleted Items more often). Not sure if that applies to your situation or not. Presumably you would know. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    As for permissions, I'm not sure these apply to PST-type folders, but since I've never had to set any, I couldn't say for sure.

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