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    Re: Keyboard macros (AccessXP)

    You can assign keyboard shortcuts in Access by creating a macro called autokeys.

    In the macro window, display the Name colum, and enter the keyboard shortcut in the name column, and RunCode as the macro action, then assign a function as the code to run. There is an example or two in Help

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    Re: Keyboard macros (AccessXP)

    AutoKeys in Access are limited and won't let you create multiple key macro names. However, you can create simple key combinations to do similar things for the user. It would be easy enough to create a macro using Alt+J to insert "Jones" and Alt+P to insert "Peters" in the combobox bound field.

    Access is such a different environment from xBASE or DataFlex or any of the other DOS-based databases, that I would suggest you build a demo for this person, showing them what Access can do instead of trying to recreate what an old (and creaky) DOS database did. You wouldn't ordinarily enter a text name into a record like that in Access, assuming the name is an employee assigned to something, you would enter an ID for that employee record and probably use a combobox to display the employee name. Then if they can't recall the key combination, all they have to do is drop down the list.

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    Keyboard macros (AccessXP)

    I'm trying to help someone whow has been (and still is) using a database application in DOS (!!) and is hesitant to migrate to a Windows environment (Access) because he is using a little DOS TSR that allows him to pre-program certain key-combinations with ceratain words and/or actions. This is so efficient that if I cannot find ways to 'cover' this in Access, he'll probably not make the switch...

    AltF10/J -- might enter "Jones" and step to the next record
    AltF10/P -- might enter "Peters" and step to the next record

    But there's also more complex actions possible of course (like; go three words back, add a "," and then step two records forward maybe).

    Without the additional 'movement' stuff a simple (or maybe slightly advanced) "search and replace" might do. I'm wondering how to tackle this one however...

    Can this be done directly from Access (I can write and/or modify VBA - no problems, my background is in Excel however so I'd need some startup help), should we use an external "keyboard macro" program (like e.g. IOLO's "Macro Magic"). Other suggestions?


    Erik Jan

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