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    Open as Read Only from Icon (2000/SR1)

    We have a scheduling spreadsheet that everyone uses but only a few people update. I have an icon on my desktop to open the spreadsheet and most of the time when I open it, I get a message that states that it is already open by someone else, would I like to open it as read only. I say yes and everything is good. I only use it to look up and verify information. Occasionally, I will open it and no one else will have it open and now I have it open with exclusive rights. Of course, what happens is that I forget, walk away from the office and then someone will page me that they need me to go back and close it, so that they can update it. (Yes, this really should be in Access but that is a long way away.)
    My question is this, can I set up the Icon on my desk, so that it ALWAYS opens in Read Only mode? I don't see any settings but maybe there is some coding that will do it. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Open as Read Only from Icon (2000/SR1)

    Maybe you could could create a 'trigger file' that will open the required file in Read-Only mode.
    In a new workbook, add something like..

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    fileToOpen = "xxxxxxxxxx.XLS"
    Workbooks.Open filename:=Thisworkbook.Path & ""& fileToOpen, ReadOnly:=True
    End Sub

    ..Then create a shortcut to point to THIS 'trigger file'
    The 'trigger file' should be saved in the same folder as the required file.


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    Re: Open as Read Only from Icon (2000/SR1)

    Recommend use desktop shortcut with startup option ("switch") "/r" to open specified workbook as read-only. Example:

    "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeEXCEL.EXE" /r "C:AccessDemo.xls"

    This command successfully opened specified workbook as read-only. Note that you must include the path to Excel executable, and that the "/r" option must precede the specified filename. (If you place the "/r" after the filename, does not work). For more info on Excel startup options & command-line switches, see MSKB 211481:

    XL2000: Startup Switches for Microsoft Excel 2000


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