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    Duplicate Spam (2003)

    When Outlook deletes Spam due to the rules setting, it makes at least one copy of the item, so often I'll have 20 emails of which 40 are deleted into my Delete box - why is this and how do I stop it?

    Secondly, I often receive emails that are totally blank - no to, from, subject or content. How can I set a rule to delete these automatically?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Duplicate Spam (2003)

    On the first question, if a rule that moves a message to Deleted Items does not contain the instruction "stop processing more rules," then there is a chance that a second rule will delete it again (or that it will also pass into the Inbox). Since I haven't used Outlook 2003, I don't know whether this is the explanation, or there is some other problem.

    On the second question, Outlook's Rules Wizard can search for text in the message header. perhaps there is something peculiar in there that will help you identify these messages? (I just zap them; I don't get that many compared with normal junk.)

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