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    Replacing text with text plus quotes (2000)

    I need to replace the information in a text field with the text field plus a single quote on each end. Example: Replace one thing with 'one thing'. It seems like such a simple task but is not working for me at present. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Re: Replacing text with text plus quotes (2000)

    Create a query based on the table.
    Add the text field to the query grid.
    If you want to exclude blank values, enter Is Not Null in the Criteria line.
    Select Query | Update Query.
    In the Update To line, enter
    <pre>"'" & [NameOfField] & "'"

    where NameOfField must be replaced by the actual name of the field.
    Select Query | Run to update the field. You will be prompted to confirm this.

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