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    Cascading dropdown menus in a form (Access XP)

    I have a database with essentially four tables. Two of the tables contain only one field each and are titled LocationOfOb and DescriptionOfOb. These two tables are fixed lists that feed into a LocationDescriptionOfOb table. The LocationDescriptionOfOb table matches only certain descriptions with a specific location. Basically, a location can have multiple descriptions but not all the descriptions are allowed for all the locations. Hopefully this makes sense.

    The final table captures the Observation (Observation) as a text field and then has a LocationOfOb and a DescriptionOfOb field to allow someone to categorized the observation.

    What I want is a form that allows a user to type in the observation and then has a cascading dropdown menu to allow them to pick a location and the proper description based on my LocationDescription table limitations. Combo menus don't seem to have the capability to have multiple cascading parent and child dropdown menus. Is there a way to do this?

    I tried using two separate combo boxes but the child box (DescriptionOfOb) does not seem to update properly after selecting the LocationOfOb from the list. I was thinking that a set of cascading dropdown menus would be more user friendly anyway.

    Please note that I don't have any VB coding experience so please keep everything as basic as possible but I'm willing to give anything a try. Thank you.

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    Re: Cascading dropdown menus in a form (Access XP)

    See MSKB article How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form; it also contains a link from which you can download a very useful demo database with a working example. You can also search this forum for cascading combo boxes.

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