I'm using Outlook 2000, Office 2000, and Windows 2000.

I understand that the difficulties with using Word as the Outlook e-mail editor continue - inability to see attachments, etc. So I use Outlook RTF as my default (besides - it is our corporate standard). However, there are times I'd like to save an e-mail as a Word document. I switch to Word (tools, options, Mail Format, check the box for Word), open and save my e-mail as a Word document, and then switch back to RTF as my default. I know I could save it as RTF, then open it in Word, save as a .DOC file, then delete the RTF, but it seems easier this way.

I would sure like a quick way to toggle back and forth between Word and Outlook RTF as my default e-mail editor. Using the available buttons doesn't change your default, which is what I need. So I guess I need a macro to do this (since the check box is two state, one macro should do it, right?). But Outlook doesn't seem to have a macro RECORD function, and I'm not good enough at writing the things from scratch to figure out how to do it without at least a starting point...

Can anyone help me?

Thanks much,